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the idea is perfect

Sun Leonardo Aldana

The perfect imagine, just our wants and needs. She tells us that things can be done better.


It depends on us she comes to light, it is as we have imagined.


The design helps us to this, that we can express our ideas in the best way possible and let others know what you want to tell our mind.

- graphic design- digital marketing -

Moon Leonardo Aldana

-Bogotá . Miami (Florida)-

- graphic design - digital marketing -

We specialize in solutions in graphic communication (graphic design, illustration) where our proposals have been targeted according to the specific solutions for each client. Today with the revolution in graphic communications in electronic media has become indispensable professional services which ensure the best results in visual identity.

The Lines Leonardo Aldana
Poster Bogota Camara de Comercio Bogota Finalist


For 10 years I have proven experience. I worked on the design and development of different graphic pieces, whether these corporate level as for example: Colpatria, Citibank, Colseguros and Chalver. As has POP and advertising level. Example: CAFAM, Pfizer, Novartis, Bayer, Chalver Laboratories, fish market Real Property Bogota, Cundinamarca CAMACOL,

Colliers International and Covidien among others. for these

companies, I designed graphic pieces such as: Magazines,

folding, banners, corporate mailings, labels among other pieces.

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En Bogotá. Colombia

[t] 571 750 2232

[c] 57 301 766 3877


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